The Basics

  • Team registration will open on December 8th.
  • USA CRITS D1 Teams will be limited to 10 women’s and 15 men’s teams on a first-come basis.
  • Series and media partner promotion will be based around these D1 Teams.
  • The buy-in to be a USA CRITS D1 Team in 2018 is $3,500.
  • Only squads signing on to be a USA CRITS D1 Team will be eligible to compete for the Series’ Team Champion’s Purse.
  • Each USA CRITS Championship Series race will have a minimum $10,000 USD purse for men and a $10,000 purse for women - some will have more.
  • Each USA CRITS D1 Team will receive ten (10) live stream subscription codes to share with fans and family - a $550 USD value.
  • $10 USD of each annual subscription sold using the custom team code will be returned to the specific USA CRITS D1 Team.
  • Teams will be provided four (4) entries into all 11 USA CRITS Championship Series events* in 2018 - $1,600 appx. value.
  • Teams will be provided a travel reimbursement of $300 after attending six (6) Series races with four (4) or more team riders starting (upon committing to 7th race). Teams will provided a second $300 travel reimbursement after attending eight (8) or more races with two (2) or more riders starting. This does not include the Finals.
  • Teams will receive one (1) USA CRITS D1 Team Feature in the USA CRITS Series e-newsletter distributed post-race to our 30,000-member mailing list.
  • #TeamTuesday on social media accounts will highlight each USA CRITS D1 Team throughout the 2018 Series.
  • There will be a USA CRITS D1 Team paddock parking area at each USA CRITS event to allow media greater exposure and allow for pre-race live and recorded on camera interviews.
  • One (1) Series promotional USA CRITS D1 Team video to be completed by USA CRITS, with preseason cooperation from each USA CRITS D1 Team, and used for social media platforms and prior to “go live” for live streams. We will be coordinating our video person to connect with your team preseason (camp, very early race, etc).
  • USA CRITS D1 Team-specific video and content to be made available in the VOD section of the live stream page.

A 20% commission will be paid back to USA CRITS D1 Teams on cash sponsors generated for the Series. Sponsor decks will be sent out to teams signing up.

* Select events surrounding USA CRITS races (i.e. UCI, multi-day races) may have some additional requirements.