Points and awards structure for 2015 USA CRITS

Two categories of races will create the 2015 USA CRITS events:

USA CRITS Championship Series events will have the same structure as the past and will consist of eleven events.

USA CRITS TEAM races will add points to the overall team standings only and will be held in conjunction with select USA CRITS Championship Series events.

The concept for 2015 that has been in the works since the inception of USA CRITS and was introduced in 2013 is the Team Expense And Management fund (TEAM). A year-long prize list will be awarded to the men’s individual overall standings, while a separate purse will be awarded to men’s teams based on TEAM standings, with the hope these prizes can further assist teams with race expenses.

At this point in time, an overall prize list will apply to the men’s peloton only if additional funds can be secured.

The point structure for USA CRITS TEAM races is the same as that utilized for USA CRITS Championship Series events. TEAM standings are calculated by taking the top four rider’s points from each USA CRITS Championship Series event and from each USA CRITS TEAM race.