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Photo Credits: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS

The premise is simple. Take America's national criterium series built primarily for local fans and racers and turn it into a more watchable, team-based format that a broader audience can get behind. Change the game. Over the last tHREE years, we have embarked on that journey.
What is Criterium Racing?
Criterium racing is America's most prolific and entertaining form of bicycle racing. It is short, action packed laps around downtown streets in a festival environment. There are over a thousand criteriums across America in various forms. We take the very best and turn them into world class events.


USA CRITS has developed a team model that is more consistent with common sport. There are 20 men's and women's D1 teams that race and promote our Series while contending in season-long competitions.
These teams become the major story lines of the Series. We promote the teams and they promote the Series We connect our partners with teams and create an extensive marketing web.
We have had 100% equal pay for men and women for over five years.



20 D1 Teams with 180+ racers
Teams based in 15 U.S. states
15% of D1 racers are International Riders
D1 racers from 25 states and 6 countries
80% retention rate in D1 teams

Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo poses for their team photo.

Photo Credit: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS


Teams accumulate points throughout each Series race. They get points for starting, laps led, special sprints, and finish placement of their top 4 riders. They contest individual results at each race while the other competitions carry on throughout the Series.

At the heart of the Series is the Team Competition. The four riders on each team who score the highest in each race count towards the ongoing team's total at season's end.

Orange Overall Leader Jersey
Awarded to the highest place individual--the #racefororange.
Grey Best Young Rider Jersey
Awarded to the D1 male and female under 25 years old with the most points.

Blue Lap Leader Jersey
Awarded to the rider who has cumulatively led the most laps.
Watch how the women's competition unfolded in 2019

Watch how the men's competition unfolded in 2019


USA CRITS establishes a national calendar that runs from March until September. The calendar is developed to include the very best venues from across the country. The Series begins with a preseason race in Birmingham, AL, and finishes with a finals event in September. The majority of our events are "twilight" races. Nighttime racing creates an intimate and exciting atmosphere in a traditional entertainment time frame. The events are far more than just bike races. They are engaging community festivals with been gardens, kids zones, expo areas and VIP experiences. They are often surrounded by other cycling events on adjoining days and include events for all ages.


ASWD Twilight Criterium, held in Boise, Idaho.

Photo Credit: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS

2019 Quick Venue Facts

Average one-day crowd estimate: Approximately 10,000

15 different impacted MSA markets
Largest One-Day Crowd Estimate:
Approximately 25,000 (Athens)

7,223 total athletes from all 50 states
Events experienced a 15% increase in rider attendance as part of the Series

80+ amateur and d1 races

Frankie Andreu, the Voice of USA CRITS, with the call.

Photo Credit: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS


Critical to the mission of creating this new product is allowing fans to watch while teams and partners enjoy national exposure.
Over the last two years, USA CRITS has streamed more biked races than anybody in American history as we worked to expand our venues, increase our teams, and grow our promotion. We did this primarily through a hybrid structure that included a paywall platform on and pushing the stream to social channels. The platform allows fans to watch both live and on demand.
A primary goal for 2021 is to fully expand beyond a paywall and maximize the exposure opportunities for the venues, partners, and teams by increasing viewership exponentially.

2019 Quick Stream Facts

Over 42,000 hours of live viewing on our platforms

12% of stream views are international views

Stream views from 2,662 cities in the united states
Average live watch time on of 34 minutes

Steamed the entire USA CRITS series plus 10 other cycling events

Average views: Paywall 7,908 | Non-paywall 42,024
World's largest archive of criterium racing -- 60+ races available on demand

53% of fans watched programs in recorded formats


usa crits builds a tremendous amount of content around each venue and D1 team that integrates series' sponsors. The series format allows us to have ongoing stories as the teams compete and travel from venue to venue. This allows us to integrate partners as we tell the stories of the competitions, venues and racers over the seven-month season. the marketing web creates along with the live stream and our social media platforms creates an expansive reach.


Team CLIF Bar Cycling after the AOC Twilight Podium presentation.

Photo Credit: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS

2019 Quick Content Facts

5,500 images showcasing teams, events, partners with 793,893 views

30% increase in social traffic

21 d1 team profiles and 120 rider profiles with over 11,000 views

60+ races available as Video-On-Demand

pre and post event video recaps with 130,045 views

487,245 views of video content


Partner signage at Sun City CRIT.

Photo Credit: Connor Ryan/USA CRITS

THE Partners

Partners tie the Series together. They make the events happen at the community level. they make it possible for d1 teams to race a national series. they allow usa crits to broadcast the sport to the world.

from collaborations with teams to on-site branding and activation, we ensure partners are promoted locally at each venue.

Joint social marketing campaigns and commercial integration into our broadcasts allow us to showcase sponsors to the world. we work directly with each partner to develope a maximum exposure plan. paartners also become key to marketing and promoting the series -- #theshow.