2020 USA CRITS Series: Partnering toward a sustainable, watchable, team-based format for the sport of criterium racing in America.


D1 is the terminology USA CRITS uses to identify teams competing across the USA CRITS Series. USA CRITS developes a national racing calendar with standards, and D1 teams agree to compete across the Series. USA CRITS develops season-long leader competitions and the points system and rules behind those competitions.

USA CRITS promotes the D1 teams and events across our media platforms and asks the teams and events to partner in promoting the Series. Two years ago, we started streaming all our events to promote the events and the D1 teams/sponsors. The season-long, team-based format creates greater storylines and a product that more fans can get behind. Racing across national markets with events that generate large local crowds along with the available live stream, provides exposure that the collective sports needs to allow all aspects to grow.

quick recap of the 2019 USA CRITS Series

  • 3 new Series events added - Birmingham Hammerfest, Sun City CRIT, and Salt Lake Criterium
  • Implemented D1 team travel fund at 7 Series races
  • Preseason media race concept implemented
  • Team profiles and rider profiles on all Series D1 teams completed
  • Greater storylines created by enhanced team competitions
  • Preview and recap videos completed for each Series race
  • Expanded the D1 team program to 21 teams
  • Increased D1 participation levels across Series creating a more dynamic points/jersey competition
  • Grew host housing program across the Series
  • Team entries in Winston-Salem Cycling Classic Road Race and Boise Gran Fondo Hincapie
  • Streamed each Series race with enhanced features added
  • Series photography available to D1 teams/events of over 5,500 images

2020 USA CRITS Series primary goals

  • Grow Series sponsorship to allow all streams to be free to the public
  • Continue increasing participation levels of D1 teams across Series
  • Support growth of new D1 teams into the Series
  • Strengthen the quality of the Series schedule
  • Continue to expand the pre-season
  • Create and promote D1 team-based story lines
  • Sponsor/Partner integration--See an increased relationship between sponsors of  D1 teams/Series races/Series
  • Start a team winner's purse at each event to promote the team model
  • Increase Series/Event/Team merchandising
  • Larger crowd funding of primes
  • Increase promotion among Series events
  • Produce a Finals event