The primary goal for the 2018 USA CRITS Championship Series is to develop a more sustainable race model for the growth of American cycling. Specifically, the most American and spectator-friendly form of bike racing - criteriums.


In discussion with teams, races, and other partners about previous Series years, a few things became very clear:

We must create new revenue streams that recognize the challenges our sport has of not having gate revenue or high cost and quantity of entries by participants to fund event production and rider incentives (prize and travel money).

The sport needs a format that fans can follow from event to event in order to develop recognizable athletes and teams. That format must provide fans access to compelling content.

A series needs quality races that reach across all U.S. markets to broaden the available fan base and serve as quality race destinations for teams.

A series needs to have something to race for.

Components of the 2018 USA CRITS Championship Series

New Live Stream Subscription Package

  • Provides access to fans and creates an ongoing revenue source to fund a significant purse
  • Underwrites the streaming expense for the races
  • Creates commissionable revenue sales opportunities for race teams while increasing team promotion

Stronger Calendar

  • Reaches across broad U.S. markets to include the very best venues and ideal standards of American cycling
  • Inclusion of more events surrounding USA CRITS events providing multiple days of racing

Something to Race For

  • $100,000 Champion’s Purse that includes leader’s jerseys
  • Defined teams competing in the Series
  • Iconic season ending race

Each of the 11 (10+Final) USA CRITS Championship Series races will be locally originated races. Our goal is to work with each race to provide a standard racing format to include live streaming, athlete promotional and financial support, and support of the Series sponsors. These events have underwritten the costs of an overall prize list and live stream. Collectively, the goal is to recoup this investment through fan based subscription memberships and to create additional revenue for future years to increase individual and overall rider incentives and prize money.

We are all in this together, and in order to be successful, we will need support from USA CRITS D1 Teams in participating and helping promoting the Series and the stream subscription model.