Cat 2 men’s racers, typically not allowed at PRT designated events, will be granted a waiver upon request. This request should be made at least two weeks prior to the event and CANNOT be guaranteed after that. 

Results will be posted after they are made official following each USA CRITS Series event. Results will be updated on following the event. Teams should watch and alert USA CRITS to issues. 

Riders listed on D1 team roster at any point in the calendar season may transfer to another D1 (Series) team prior to the 3rd points race of the Series calendar being completed and continue to accumulate new team and rider points while forfeiting prior earned Series points for individual categories. Team points shall remain with the original team. Transfers following the 3rd race of the season are allowed but no new team or rider points will be accumulated and all prior individual points will be forfeited. This rule assumes the transfer is not somehow otherwise prohibited by a governing body or existing contract.  D1 Teams may add riders from non-D1 teams (guest riders) prior to the 8th points race of the Series. New roster riders after March 1st or guest riders will be limited to a total of four (4) unique riders for the season. From the 8th Series race forward, any added rider must have either already raced for that team in a Series race or come from another D1 team as described above.  USA CRITS will begin promoting registered team names February 15th, unless otherwise instructed.

Partial reimbursement of D1 Team buy-in will be made should less than nine (9) events occur on the proposed schedule, as outlined in the D1 Team Contract Agreement.

An advisory panel of at least five (5) D1 riders will be assembled by USA CRITS to help with rule and rider issues. The names of the riders will be kept confidential and only one (1) USA CRITS staff person will interact with these riders to eliminate the opportunity for interference or retribution. Teams will be given the opportunity to put opinions in front of this panel when appropriate. 

Final rosters are due by March 2nd. This will be determined by the Google sheet shared with each team. There will be a max roster size of 15 riders per team. Roster additions post March 2nd will go against the four (4) rider guest limit. Max number of riders is 15 per season.