• Participate in Series events with an understanding this may mean foregoing other events to help achieve 2020 Series goals.
  • Place deposit and balance of D1 buy-in in a timely basis.
  • Promote the live stream for each race (even if the team can't be present).
  • Commit at least 4 riders to the pre-season event, any designated D1 race, and Finals.
  • Maintain rider profiles on Bikereg.com and roadresults.com.
  • Provide communication lead contact able to give necessary content for team promotion (everything from rider names, birth dates, and favorite sandwich to team website, social media handles, and best way to track someone down for an interview).
  • Provide roster for events at least two (2) weeks in advance of each event on team information document. If you want the announcers to be prepared and promotion to happen, we need to know who is racing.
  • Promote/repost USA CRITS social media posts.
  • Use event designated D1 Team area for pre-event warm-up, bike prep, and pre-event fan engagement.
  • Wear leaders' jerseys at Series events.
  • Upload original team video content to the team section of the video platform.
  • Create and share candid team content throughout the season tagging #USACRITS #racefororange #usacritstv #watchusrace #blueinfront #goingforgrey #theshow #teamtuesday #d1
  • Attend all eligible podium ceremonies.
  • All rosters must be received prior to March 2nd.

  • Keep USA CRITS updated with current permanent roster on shared team information document.

  • To qualify for the season purse, teams agree to meet minimum participation levels. Participation doesn't disqualify D1 Teams from jersey or team competition, just access to the final purse. For 2020, teams must race at least four (4) riders in five (5) of the points races to qualify for the season purse. Teams must agree to send at least four (4) riders to both the Birmingham Hammerfest and Series Finals (TBD). Circumstances involving issues such as weather and travel visas will be considered.


We seek to provide as many cross sponsor relationships between the Series, teams, and events as possible. This type of relationship allows the greatest exposure for sponsors and connects them to the Series. We want to continue to expand partnerships outside the cycling community and grow the overall exposure for the sport. Teams are encouraged to bring forward those opportunities.