The new live stream subscription package will include all 11 USA CRITS Championship Series races. The package will also include the non-USA CRITS days at some of those races. Currently, it will include all three days of OKC, all four days of Gateway Cup, and all three days of Natural States. The package will also include some races that are not USA CRITS Series events. Those are still being determined. Collectively, the package will contain over 20 days of racing.

Each of the USA CRITS Series races will have a dedicated professional announcer whose focus will be on covering the D1 Teams, our sponsors, and the Series events.

All races will remain as video-on-demand following the events.

The platform will also have content that is not behind the paywall. This will include pre- and post-race promotional/results videos.

In addition, the platform will contain team-specific content (preseason video, custom team uploads, tagged video).

Subscriptions will be billed annual/monthly, as well as per event. Teams will each be given a team affiliate code. That code will be tracked and $10 from each annual paid subscription sold will be paid back to teams. The year-long subscription is $55 or $6.99 if paid monthly. Individual race viewing is available for $15, with $3 returned to affiliate.