21 Teams from 12 different U.S. states & Canada will line up as 2020 USA CRITS D1 teams

2020Two years ago, USA CRITS announced a goal of developing a more sustainable race environment for cycling. Making the sport of criterium racing more watchable, and as part of that, more of a team based sport. In 2019, there was  a 15% increase in D1 team participation at the eleven races that make up the nationwide season. For 2020, the most teams ever have committed and all Series races will be streaming for free on USACRITS.tv.

D1 is the nomenclature used by USA CRITS to identify Series teams. Teams agree to promote and race the Series and in return USA CRITS provides benefits to the teams. The largest of these benefits being the ability to race on a live stream production and in front of the largest crowds in American cycling. The top four finishers in each race qualify for season team points and individuals earn the same points in the three season long jersey competitions.

2019 Series team champions ButcherBox Cycling (men) and Colavita/Cavaliere d’Oro Women’s Pro Cycling (women) will return to defend their team titles. They will be joined by nine new teams and four teams racing both male and female squads bringing a new dynamic for fans to engage. The 2020 race calendar has been shared with teams and will be announced to the public on January 23rd. The Series will once again begin with the Hammerfest pre-season event in Birmingham, Alabama, on March 14th.

“Seeing new teams develop with the sole purpose of racing the Series and existing teams gaining new sponsors because they are getting exposure from our broadcasts is exciting. The creation of season long team and rider storylines is what the sport needs. We are making progress toward our goals,” said Scott Morris, USA CRITS Director of Development.

D1 Women's Teams

D1 Men's Teams

ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo Hamilton United Pro Automatic Racing Nashville Local Cycling
Automatic Racing Levine Law Group Elite Women's Cycling ButcherBox Cycling Primal-Audi Denver
ButcherBox Cycling Robson Forensic p/b Milligan Cycling CS Velo Racing p/b Cannondale Robson Forensic p/b Milligan Cycling
Colavita/Cavaliere d'Oro Women's Pro Cycling The RiderBox p/b The Happy Tooth Foundation Good Guys Racing NYC p/b HighWaterWomen.org Support Clean Sport / BSCG / Guttenplan Coaching
DNA Pro Cycling Team Hamilton United Pro Team CLIF Bar Cycling
Legion of Los Angeles Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB
Nashville Local Cycling

About USA CRITS - Now in its 14th year, the USA CRITS is the premiere cycling series in the United States. USA CRITS was developed to feature criterium racers and to offer watchable venues giving team and riders the ability to excel in this most American discipline of cycling. The events that form the USA CRITS Series have the ideals that have made criterium racing an American legacy: challenging courses that showcase arts and entertainment districts, a large and growing base of spectators, broad community support, and strong marketing opportunities for partners.