USA CRITS Announces a Strategic Partnership with RGT Cycling

ATHENS, Georgia (July 27th, 2020) - USA CRITS has named RGT Cycling as their official virtual cycling partner in a move that will combine the excitement of criterium racing with high level esports.

Working with RGT, USA CRITS will be featuring  the jerseys of the professional Series D1 criterium teams on  the platform and  make some of the best USA CRITS Series courses available to the RGT user.  In partnership with Wahoo Fitness and The Sufferfest, USA CRITS will also be rolling out a crit training program that will culminate with  live streamed virtual racing for all levels of the Athens Twilight course on RGT. 

“Alex and his team have put together a world class product that has the opportunity to truly bring the virtual and real world of cycling together. We are looking forward to allowing the virtual user to experience the speed and thrill of American criterium racing. The desire of RGT to make the user experience as real as possible is what initially gained our attention,”  said Scott Morris, USA CRITS Director of Development.

RGT Cycling has an unparalleled level of realism that makes racing different. Along with  drafting, the application also incorporates braking for corners and collision avoidance. This made RGT the only real possibility for a criterium racing esports product.

James Vickers RGT Cycling said, “We’re extremely happy to announce our partnership with USA CRITS. Having the RGT indoor cycling app and our open approach to working with partners affirmed again with another partner demonstrates a new road for both indoor cyclists and the industry as we continue to change the game”.

The ultimate goal of the partnership is to allow the world to race on USA CRITS’ events and engage with their portfolio of brand partners. Everyone will be able to virtually ride and race USA CRIT courses and watch the best crit teams in the world battle it out in the virtual world. 

The first live events are scheduled for the week of September 14th. There will be three days of amateur races with categories based on testing from The Sufferfest  followed by races featuring the USA CRITS professional D1 teams. 




Spearheading the virtual fitness revolution through its innovation, RGT is making indoor cycling as accessible and engaging as riding in the great outdoors. RGT provides a place for users from around the world to meet, train, ride and race together in a realistic and immersive virtual universe.

Combining curated events, Real Roads, unrivaled physics and much more, the platform is free making experiences traditionally available for the few, a virtual reality for all.

For more information and instructions on how to download and install the App please visit: