The U.S. Center for SafeSport has temporarily suspended Kevin Scott Morris from USA Cycling​ pending their review of a concern submitted to them.​ ​​Scott was a contractor to USA CRITS and has been terminated from all responsibilities​ with USA CRITS and parent-company Swagger.​​ We support SafeSport and their mission, and we have and will continue to adhere to their guidelines. This decision is not an indication of Swagger’s belief or disbelief of the validity of the ongoing investigation.

Over the last few years, our vision for the series has encouraged the formation of teams and events and furthered the goal of providing cycling as an entertainment product in America. The series is nothing without the partnership of teams, events, and sponsors. Like the events in the series whose ​​success is based on the adoption of criterium racing by their communities, it has taken the adoption of USA CRITS by series stakeholders to make the series viable. We can continue USA CRITS with a ​team of dedicated cycling enthusiasts w​ith a tremendous amount of experience,​ and are prepared to do so, but not without the support of our partners. We will continue to reach out to events to finalize a schedule by November 1st, then to teams. Our hope is to continue to present American criteriums as a means to grow the sport as we have for over 40 years.